Business and Real Estate

Jack P. Mixa is committed to providing high-quality advice and representation for a variety of entrepreneurs, real estate developers and other business-minded individuals in the Houston area. He is an excellent advocate to have on hand as you launch your own business or draft real estate agreements. Look to Jack P. Mixa, Attorney’/Mediator for the ultimate in business and real estate representation.

Business Formation And Partnerships: How A Houston Attorney Can Help

Many Houston residents dream of starting their own businesses, but often, these aspiring entrepreneurs quickly find themselves getting discouraged by the legal complications that accompany the business formation process. Whether you are hoping to start your own business or expand an already existing company by creating a new entity, it is in your best interest to seek the assistance of a trustworthy lawyer such as Jack P. Mixa. With the right attorney by your side, it is easy to minimize the risk of noncompliance. Additionally, Jack Mixa can assist with the drafting of operating or partnership agreements. Later, if any legal issues arise, Jack Mixa can provide the advice and legal representation necessary to protect the long-term interests of your corporation or LLC.

Working With A Real Estate Lawyer

There tends to be a great deal of overlap between business and real estate law; as such, it can be helpful to have a legal advocate well-versed in both practice areas by your side. A respected real estate lawyer, Jack P. Mixa provides counsel for buyers, sellers and developers. He offers targeted advice for a variety of matters related to real estate and business, including acquisition, financing, leasing, transfer of rights and more. Jack Mixa’s thorough understanding of business and real estate proves especially useful during the drafting of such essential documents as purchases agreements, leases, deeds, utility service agreements and liens. Although the careful drafting and analysis of such documents can greatly reduce the risk of future disputes, Jack Mixa is also able to provide high-quality mediation if real estate disputes arise.

Jack P. Mixa: A Reliable Resource For Business And Real Estate Concerns

Houston lawyer Jack P. Mixa offers an appealing combination of versatility and focused legal service. He boasts a thorough understanding of business and real estate law, as well as the ability to establish strong client-attorney relationships. If you require legal advice related to business or real estate, do not hesitate to turn to Jack Mixa for assistance.

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