Practice Areas

Business and Real Estate

Jack P. Mixa is committed to providing high-quality advice and representation for a variety of entrepreneurs, real estate developers and other business-minded individuals in the Houston area. He is an excellent advocate to have on hand as you launch your own business or draft real estate agreements. Look to Jack P. Mixa, Attorney'/Mediator for the ultimate in business and real estate representation.

Family Law

Family law issues generally create stress. Divorce is a particularly emotional event that disrupts lives at the same time that important decisions have to be made. At times, paternity has to be legally established, court orders modified or agreements drafted or enforced. Texas has its own set of laws applicable to family court. Whatever your issue is, you need the assistance of an experienced attorney who can guide you through the legal maze while minimizing your stress.

Wills and Probate

Ask anyone in financial planning, and one aspect that they will always cover has to do with what happens after a person passes away. This is because financial planning doesn't just end with a person's life. There's no question that a person should plan for their entire life's expenses, including retirement. But people generally don't live entirely alone. They have spouses, family members, children, and further generations as time goes by. Even middle-aged folks have a life partner, spouse, or children who depend on their ability to generate income every year. This is particularly relevant in single-income households. So estate planning and having a will is just as much an integral part of financial planning as is earning more income and investing wisely.

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