Jack P. Mixa

Having been in practice as a licensed attorney in the State of Texas since 1984, Jack Mixa brings a treasure trove of legal experience to a client’s case. Mr. Mixa’s practice focuses primarily on family law, including divorce, custody, child support, visitation/possession, adoption, etc., as well as wills and probate, small business representation, collections, real estate and mediation. Serving the greater Houston and Montgomery County area, Mr. Mixa provides clients of all background quality legal representation, guidance, and advocacy.

Jack Mixa graduated from the University of Texas School of Law in 1983 and struck out on his own by 1990. In subsequent years, Mr. Mixa has provided personal and quality legal advice to clients based on practice, experience, a knowledge of the law, and professionalism. His practice ranges from preparation of documents and office practice to court representation. Mr. Mixa’s family law practice covers issues ranging from marital dissolution/divorce to child custody, support, modifications, visitation/access and adoption.  Wills, probate and estate planning needs and also addressed. This diverse combination has served Mr. Mixa’s clients well, often spotting cross-over issues between legal areas that other counsel might miss being only focused on one part of the law.

For example, a client with a small business who wants to put in place some estate planning tools but has just gone through a divorce and has child custody issues would likely need to work with two or three attorneys. However, with Jack Mixa’s offices, the client could have all of these issues handled under one roof by one legal advocate. While this example might be a bit of an extreme, it becomes clear the advantage that occurs being able to deal with one attorney on multiple issues that are related versus two or three lawyers in different offices and with different legal perspectives. Clients in such situations often find themselves being a referee between competing legal advisers.

If you or someone you know in the Greater Houston area needs legal help with business matters, family matters, or just wants to finally get some solid tools in place for estate planning, like writing a will or establishing a trust, Jack Mixa’s Law Offices should be considered. Bilingual services are available in Spanish if needed, ensuring all clients get full access to quality legal representation for their specific issues.

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